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Vérité la Muse, 2012

Tasted on September 19th, 2021, bottle opened at 4.45pm.

Medium Purple colour.

The immediate nose was expressive and aromatic, it is the scent of elegance and allure. Menthol, raspberry, blueberries, cassis, rose petal powder.

Palate had more fruit characters than terroir at this point.

2 hours decanting.

Savoury - truffle, farmyard with dried plum, figs, leathery with cigar leaves. It was quite creamy on the palate, there was some vanilla feel to it, rounding with peppery note. Full body with long complex finish.

The interesting thing about this wine is that it went from a ’Bordeaux’ wine to ’American‘ wine over the course of 4 hours. Bordeaux due to the the full spectrum of tertiary farmyardy, leathery and wet forest floor scents, as it leaned toward the ‘American’ side, fruits became more pronounced and overt.

It is a highly enjoyable wine, will pair well with beef rossini, duck breasts, pigeon, simple rotisserie and ragu. JH94



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