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Grand Vin de Chateau Latour, 2011

Tasted on August 02nd, 2021, bottle opened at 6pm, decanted and enjoyed over the next 4 hours!

Upon opening the bottle, oh my God, the nose was enormous! Musky, cobble stone, rose petals, truffles, wood spice, it was silky and sultry in the meantime!

On the palate, it was acidic upon opening, waited for an hour to taste again. Medium high acidity, smooth tannins, red fruits in ruling favour.

2 hours later..

The nose gradually evolved and released more vegetal characteristics - preserved vegetable, cigar leaf, tobacco, yet very perfumed!

Then there was a lot more depth to the palate, it was savoury with braised cabbage, cacao, truffle…

Another hour and half later..

It was perfection! Along with the savoury notes above, the fruits came out in the perfect balance - cassis, liquorice, blackcurrant, blueberries, cedarwood, menthol and chocolate. Very long finish.

This wine is sensational, it is by far the best wine that I have drunk. JH99

Food pairing - perfect with simple dishes like rossini, duck confit and pigeon, but stay away from anything sweet and honey glazed which would disturb the harmony of the wine.




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