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Joey’s Top 5 In The Past Six Months

Top 5

‘What are the 10 best wines that you have drunk in the past 6 months?’ I was asked.

’Golly! There have been a lot of bottles consumed over the past six months, but among all, I can name about five wines that swept me off my feet’. You might have read about them in the previous reviews.

  1. Grand vin de Latour, 2011

  2. Chateau Palmer, 2009

  3. Chateau Palmer, 2005

  4. Dominus, 1985

  5. Vérité, la muse, 2018

Chateau Palmer, 2005

Enjoyed in magnum, decanted for 1.5 hours prior to serving. This wine is divine! The elegance and finesse balancing ripe, black fruits, generous cassis, liqourice and dark chocolate. The finish and longevity of this wine is unbelievable. Medium full body and very vibrant despite its age, the wine is holding its ageing potential! JH98

Vérité, la muse, 2018

Tasted in release. Among 15 new release wines, I would rate it the highest, powerful bold fruits with lots of terroir in a glass. Tannic, but not grainy. Colour was deep ruby as opposed to purple that I was expecting.

Merlot dominant, but that little bit of malbec adds so much to the structure of the wine. The peppery nature of malbec gives some edge to the rounded merlot, hence, the blend creates a wonderfully harmonious wine that is full body, elegant with layers and depths of ever-changing flavours. I can’t wait for this wine to evolve. JH98




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