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Mouton, 1985 and 1999

Brief Tasting Notes

'85 Mouton is a bit of hit and miss, depending on the bottle condition. This is the fourth and the only good bottle that we tried over the past 12 months.

On the nose, there is black truffle, wet stones, herbs, liquorice and leather. The fruits, mainly red fruits, has beautifully integrated with mature tannins, cedarwood in silky elegance.

'99 is quite similar to '85 but packed with more ripe fruits and longer finish.

Both wines can be enjoyed on their own, if paired with fillet mignon, truffles would be optional. Something lean and yet juicy would go very well with aged first growth, as the acidity is medium low.

Mouton '85 - JH92 pts | Mouton '99 - JH92 pts




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